DAYTON LAMINA™ is the world-wide industry leader in the production of catalog and special punches, die components, die details, punch blanks and metalstamping tools. Our full line of tooling includes everything in your bill of materials, punches, die buttons, pins & bushings, wear and guide components, die springs, cams, die details, punch retainers and more.


Ball Release Tools Misfeed Detectors Retainers, Ball Lock and Shoulder
Ball Lock Retainers Multi-Position Retainers Shim Plates
Coring Products Pilots Shim Control
Die Aligners Punch Blanks Special Products
Die Buttons Punch Gages Spring Pilots
Die Springs Punch Pullers Urethane Strippers
EDM Matrix Blanks Punches Wedge Lock Products
Max Life Die Springs Quill Busings/Guides  
Micro Guides Retainer Accesories



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