Supplying the products you need when you need them is, of course, critical to our success. But it's our knowledgeable staff,  service and support that builds extra value into our products and sets Ajacs apart.

  • We offer the Ajacs Pack Solution, which simplifies processes and lowers our customers' overall costs by efficiently facilitating material procurement, handling, delivery (both domestic and international) and payment.
  • We work with you to make sure you are requesting exactly what you need.
  • We perform our own custom services, adjusting products to perfectly meet your needs. (For example, we do custom grinding to your specifications on guide pins and bushings.)
  • We offer free educational and technical training programs to groups and individuals, to help assure that you get maximum productivity out of the components you purchase from us.
  • We provide a free (and fast) local delivery service within the greater Grand Rapids market.
  • We maintain a large custom inventory, readily available and tailored to your needs.
  • We can provide a cost savings analysis of your operation to assure that you're making the smartest business decisions you can make in relation to our products.
  • We provide repair services for nitrogen manifold systems and cylinders.