The Ajacs Advantage

• Experienced Customer Service

Your time is valuable and we recognize that placing orders is an important area where we can save you time. Our customer service department has over 106 years of cumulative experience serving the metal forming industry. We strive to be the best partner in the industry with the most knowledgeable staff available through a variety of communication avenues including: toll-free phone, fax, email and the web.

• Quality Products

Representing the best manufacturers in the industry allows us to provide the products you prefer at the lowest possible cost.

• Extensive Inventory

A large selection of inventory available for immediate delivery. Need a specific product on a regular schedule? We tailor our inventory to meet your specific product and delivery requirements.

• Scheduled Delivery

Order material whenever you want and get it when you need it. We recognize that cash flow is an important aspect of overall cost and just-in-time delivery is one way we work to help you keep costs down.

• Consolidated Shipments

One shipment, one packing slip, one invoice reduces your shipping costs, handling costs, and payment processing costs. This option is available per order or can be setup as the default for all your shipments.

• Consolidated Invoices

We recognize the payment process can be time consuming and expensive. That is why we offer consolidated invoicing. One simple to read invoice for multiple shipments effectively reduces material procurement costs and improves your bottom line.

• eDocuments

Quotes, Order Confirmations, Advanced Ship notices, Invoices all delivered via email in easy to read PDF format. We’ll save you the walk to the fax machine and deliver the documents you need right to your desktop. Of course, if you are on a health kick, we can deliver these documents via fax as well.