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Steve Wierenga
Ajacs Die Sales Corporation
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Your Life Changes Everyday and so Can Dorner's New 5200 Series Conveyor

Unique conveyor system saves time and money by giving industrial, automation and packaging customers the ability to reconfigure to meet changing applications.

Ajacs is pleased to introduce the new 5200 Series Modular Plastic Belt Conveyor Platform for Dorner. Because what you make today isn't what you make tomorrow, you need a conveyor that can change as quickly as your manufacturing needs change. The new 5200 Series conveyor is the answer to your changing needs.

Truly a modular conveyor, the 5200 Series is engineered to allow customers to quickly and easily modify the conveyor's configuration - a major innovation in conveyor design. What this means to customers is a true cost and time-saving design by being able to modify the conveyor's length or curve to meet changing line requirements. Customers can change a 90-degree curve that used to go left, and make it go right without having to purchase any additional components.

The 5200 Series comes in straights, curves and cleats, and works great in a variety of industrial, automation and packaging applications.

Features of the 5200 Series include:

  • Unlimited attachment possibilities with light duty self-tapping screw slot
  • Designed-in accessory feature for simple integration of controls and accessories
  • Designed-in air and wiring managment systems
  • Contained belt which eliminates sag and reduces pinch points
  • Patented sprocket alignment key for quick sprocket and belt alignment
  • Ships in 5 days

More product information is available in the PDF Presentation or by calling your Ajacs Customer service representative at 1-800-968-6868