High Temperature Mold Series

 Ideal for the Higher Working Temperatures Typical in Plastic Molds

Low Contact Force Striker Plate

 Ideal for Reducing Excessive Shock Loads and High Noise Levels

NDS Series

 Ideal for Die Separation

NP Series

 Full Height ISO Nitrogen Gas Springs

NPL Series

 Ideal for Stamping Applications where Height is Restricted

Smooth Return Springs

 Ideal for Part Position Control in Fast Return Stroke Applications

Stock Lifters

 Ideal for Improved Part Handling through Guided Lifting Systems

T2 B Series

 Compact Height Nitrogen Gas Springs

T2 Mini Series

 Ideal for Replacing Coil Springs or Stock Lifting & Ejection

T3 Series

 Ideal for Limited Height Applications Requiring High Force

T3F Series

 A Complete Range of Gas Springs Meeting FCA Global Die Engineering Standards

T3T Series

 Ideal for Stamping Applications where High Forces are Neededin a Compact Area

T4 Series

 Ideal for Stamping Ultra-High Strength Steels

T4SC Series

 New Generation Sub-Compact Nitrogen Gas Springs

T5 Series

 Ultra High-Force, Compact Design, Nitrogen Gas Springs

Tanker® 400 XP Series

 Ideal Nitrogen Gas Springs for High Performance (TNK 400)
and High Speed (TNK400HS)