SoftNoze offers thousands of time-saving, high quality, in-stock Sensor & Switch Brackets, configurable mounting systems, guards, adapters, and many other unique components required to Mount, Apply, Position & Protect sensors, switches and machine vision cameras.

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  • Cushioned Sensor Mounts
  • Quick Mounts
  • Block Mounts
  • Block Mounting Systems (BMS)
  • Flat and Angle Brackets
  • EMC Technology™
  • Caps, Covers and Shielding Products
  • Conversion Brackets
  • ProxPort™
  • Proxtrol™ Branded Products
  • Limit Switch Mounts
  • Cub™ Brackets
  • Sensor Mounting Systems™
  • Universal Conveyor Brackets
  • Swivel-Systel Universal Brackets
  • Articulating Universal Brackets
  • Reflectors and Reflector Brackets
  • Fiber Optic Mounting System
  • Snakemounts™ Sensor Wells
  • Sight Glass Mounts
  • Test Sets
  • Proxconverter™
  • Conduit Adapter
  • Miscellaneous Fasteners